Resources to Use at Home

While Lifecraft’s weekly groups are stopped we know that many of you will be dealing with increased feelings isolation and may be struggling with your mental health.  This page brings together a range of resources sorted into Creative Activities, Recovery Support and Social Activities so that you can easily find the right help to support you.

Lifeline remains open daily 11am-11pm, 7 days a week. You can also download a copy of the Mental Health Handbook which includes lots of organisations who might have additional information or support available.

If you have any information or resources that you think others might find helpful, please contact the Communication Team via our online form.

Creative Activities

A number of organisations have collaborated to put online a huge collection of the work of Frida Kahlo. You can explore her vibrant portraits, watch a virtual tour of her house, read articles about her life and if you have art materials at home try a self portrait in her style.

The Tate Modern has a video tour of the Andy Warhol exhibition, which was due to open in late March, selected images and a video about Warhol’s screen printing technique.

Firstsite are offering downloadable activity packs with creative ideas from artists like Antony Gormley and Jeremy Deller. Most importantly you don’t need any special art materials to take part.

Visit New York to see the architecturally beautiful Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim hosts a wide range of artists from Degas, Jackson Pollack and Salvador Dali. You can also browse their collection by date or artistic movement like pop art or cubism

Good Housingkeeping magazine is live streaming easy crafting ideas every Wednesday and Friday and past videos are available on their website. 

Explore the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and get up close with his famous sunflowers and self portraits. You can zoom in so close you can see each brushstroke without risking damaging a priceless piece of art!

Grayson Perry’s Art Club has started on Chanel 4 at 8pm on Mondays and on All 4 after that. Alternatively, you can watch the Tate Modern’s video about Grayson’s pottery

Virtually visit Paris and climb the Eiffel tower. Check out the 360 degree views of Paris and read about the design and construction of the world famous monument. 

Visit the Musée d’Orsay and discover famous impressionist painters including MonetVan Gogh, and Degas. The museum was once a train station with luxurious (some may say gaudy) decor so make sure you look at the ceilings as you look around. 

The Sofa Singers brings together hundreds of people in real time via Zoom for 45 minutes of simultaneous singing on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Visit the Cambridge’s Botanical Gardens website to watch their weekly Wellness Wander. Take in the sights and sounds of the gardens as spring flowers blossom. Past episodes are available on their YouTube channel.  

Silver Swans is putting on online ballet lessons so you can learn to plié in your living room. The classes are designed for older learners but suitable for those with nimbler knees. 

Recovery Support

Mind have published a guide on managing feelings about lockdown easing, including links to resources to help support you, whatever you are feeling.

The Science of Well-Being is a free course by Yale psychologist Laurie Santos which introduces you to the science of happiness and includes a series of challenges to help improve your happiness. If the idea of studying isn’t right for you, you can also learn the key points of the course from a talk by Laurie Santos (skip to 12.30 unless you want to learn about how the course was set up). 

Qwell, is an online mental health wellbeing service where you can access educational and self-help articles and peer-to-peer support via forums. You can also receive help from qualified counsellors via drop-in or scheduled online chat sessions.

The Mind website has a list of ideas for supporting your mental health during this challenging time.

Anxiety UK have extended the opening hours of their Infoline to 9.30am-5.30pm on weekdays. They also have a wide range of helpful videos on their YouTube channel, covering topics like sleep and panic.

Check out resources from Mental Health Foundation, covering lots of different situations, such as working from home, or looking after children.

With the stress of the current situation and the lack of structure to our days its possible that our sleep is suffering. Mental Health Foundation have a range of tips and a free guide to help improve sleep quality and quantity.

Watch a short video where clinical psychologist Ali Mattu, who specializes in anxiety, discuss self care tips during lockdown.

Self-Injury Support have brought together resources for self care and advocacy during lockdown in addition to their normal support services.

Headspace has released a collection of free meditations called Weathering the storm.

Mindful have a beginner’s body scan meditation and you can either listen along or read the instructions and practice at your own pace.

 Try a 14 minute loving-kindness meditation. Loving-kindness meditation involves mentally sending goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others by silently repeating a series of mantras.

Try this short meditation which aims to help you disengage from a busy mind in “doing” mode and shift into “being” mode. 

Watch Headspace’s new weekly live meditation sessions. Future sessions will cover a range of techniques designed to help with anxiety and sleep.

Learn to re-frame stressful situations with this short meditation from Headspace. 

Every Mind Matters has a quick quiz about your mental health and gives you some tailored recommendations of ways to help yourself. It also has some ideas specifically for while we’re all staying at home.

Keep Your Head have brought together a list of online resources including links to mood boosting books. 

Social Activities

For those of you who usually attend our Social Club, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to find an online version of bananagrams, but there are a wide range of free online games that you can play with friends or strangers around the world.

Side By Side is a supportive online community hosted and moderated by Mind. It is open 24/7 and moderated daily from 8.30am until midnight

Frazzled Cafe are hosting online peer support meetings. These are happening are different days/times and need to be booked in advance.

Beat hosts a chat room for those with an eating disorder. It is open from 9am until 8pm Monday to Friday & 4pm until 8pm on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Bipolar UK hosts an eCommunity which is open 24hours a day.