Careers & Employment Service

Lifecraft’s Careers & Employment Service is here to support those who are ready to enter the workplace or volunteering and are recovering from mental health difficulties. As part of a recovery plan, you might want to access new employment, rekindle a past career, change career, volunteer or perhaps start a small business?

Whatever your plans the confidential Careers & Employment coaching service can support you through the process. We will work in partnership and build a relationship of trust and cooperation. Supporting the person to achieve an independent choice to pursue meaningful self-directed work, volunteering or career opportunities.

Vision: The Careers & Employment Service exists to empower those recovering from mental health difficulties to find meaning and purpose through a fulfilling career, job, self-employment, and career development.

Mission Statement: Our mission to improve the quality of life, work, and career opportunities available to people who are work willing recovering from mental health difficulties. Supporting people into work, self-employment or back into a dormant career opportunity, whilst helping them to transition and to maintain in the role.

If you or you know someone that would like to access the Lifecraft Career & Employment Service contact us.