Work + Wellbeing Service

We understand that starting to look for new opportunities can be scary after you’ve been unwell. 

The Work + Wellbeing service is aimed at people who have been out of employment due to mental health difficulties. We are here to support and empower those who are ready to enter employment, volunteering, or other prospects. 

We can help individuals straight back on the path to employment or to begin with volunteering. Starting with volunteering is a great way to build confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and routine.

Whatever your plans, the Work + Wellbeing service can support you through the process. We will work together and build a relationship of trust, cooperation and confidentiality. We will support you to pursue meaningful self-directed work, volunteering, or other prospects, whilst helping you through the transition and to maintain in the role.

If you or you know someone that would like to access the Lifecraft Work + Wellbeing Service contact us.