New Groups Starting Soon at Lifecraft

Photography Course, Wednesdays 2pm, starting on 12th April 2017

The course will give Lifecraft Members a chance to develop photography skills through a range of activities facilitated by a trained photographer. Attendees will have an opportunity to express themselves and to present and explore their photographs in group feedback sessions.

If you are interested in attending this course please contact Andrew before 5th April. Please note that their are limited spaces available on this course and if the number of people interested exceeds 8 people then a random lottery will be used to select participants.

Resilience Group, Mondays starting on 24th April 2017

Resilience Group is fundamentally about supporting people to develop their own coping strategies for everyday life challenges. The group aims to introduce varying themes such as developing inner self- belief, dealing with social situations, and trust. Members within the Group will be able to discuss their feelings and viewpoints in a confidential setting, and sometimes exercises can be used related to the topic being discussed.

Exercise Taster Sessions, Mondays starting after Easter 2017

We will have 3 qualified exercise coaches who will offer a range of taster session from pilates, yoga, light jogging and so on. If you want to get the endorphins flowing let Lifecraft know on 01223 566957 or email us.