Our Mission and Values

Lifecraft believes people who have experienced mental health difficulties are best placed to help others in the same position. Therefore all our services are user-led and are designed to promote recovery and empowerment. We aim be a strong voice for user involvement in our partnership work with statutory and voluntary services and the community as a whole. We will campaign to raise mental health awareness and challenge stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health difficulties.

Lifecraft exists for any adult in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area who needs support for their mental health needs. It is our mission to improve the quality of life and opportunities available to people with mental health difficulties. We will provide services to support people in crisis, prevent social isolation, enable recovery, and give people the skills and opportunities to enable them to achieve their potential. We will continue to build on our experience in developing self-help and recovery initiatives, and will maintain our unique position as a user-led self-help mental health organisation.

Our Vision Statement:

A society where people with mental health difficulties receive the support they need, where they are at the centre of service and support design and delivery, and where there is no stigma or discrimination attached to having mental health issues or illness.

Our five core values are:

User-led: People with mental health difficulties are at the heart of Lifecraft. We ensure that our voices are heard in our services, staff, governance and in other statutory and third sector services provided in the community. If you want to find out more about user-led organisations read our What Does User-led Mean page.

Empowering: We are positive about the skills and abilities of people with mental health difficulties. We encouraging and support each other to help achieve our goals.

Inclusion: People with mental health difficulties should be involved and embraced in our communities. We challenge mental health stigma and discrimination to make this a reality.

Empathy: As people with mental health difficulties, we can feel alone and ignored. We listen, we understand, we care.

Safe: Living with mental health difficulties can be frightening and isolating. We create a safe and confidential environment where we can get the support we need.