Lifecraft’s Strategy 2022-2027

Like the rest of the world, Lifecraft has had to respond and adapt to the huge changes of the last 3 years. The impacts of COVID, and changes in the economy and social life has led us to think again about what we do and how we do it, and what is important to us. Extensive consultations have taken place with members, staff and external stakeholders and has produced a new and stronger vision and strategy to take us into the next 5 years. We are expanding and diversifying, but also maintaining and strengthening our core mission of building community and support at local level to support those living with mental illness or mental health issues. Our new strategy puts us in the best place for this and provides an excellent chart by which to steer our little craft through what may be challenging times ahead.

Troy Cooper, Chair

After a challenging few years, we’re really excited to be in a position where we can build on our previous successes. Many more people could benefit from our services, and so we’re determined to grow our reach and become even more accessible. Our new strategy sets out how and why we are planning to develop and some of how we plan to get there. We’re excited to share this next chapter with you.

Gemma Barron, CEO