Hearing Voices Group

Tuesdays 2.30pm-4pm

People who hear, see or sense things that other people don’t should expect to receive good support. Therefore, Michael, Laura and Matthew facilitate the Hearing Voices Group at Lifecraft. It is mainly a talking group with other activities added dependent on what the attendees want from the group.

“It is encouraging to know other people hear voices. So, that one can hear their point of view on the subject. Sharing with them, and listening to them, helps one to feel less isolated, and can contribute to one’s well-being”

Hearing Voices Group is led by Mathew, Lizzy and Michael

Matthew has been a member of Lifecraft for many years. He has worked as a receptionist, a facilitator for the Hearing Voices Group and contributed to several projects. He is keen to promote mental health issues and tackle stigma and is currently Chair of Lifecraft.