To use Lifecraft’s services you need to become a Member. Lifecraft welcomes Membership applications from adults who use or have used mental health services or who have had personal experience of mental distress.

To become a Member of Lifecraft you will need to read and complete our application pack.

You can download the Membership Pack below or alternatively you can request a pack be posted to you by contacting us:

Telephone: 01223 566957 or Email:

The Membership Pack includes two different application forms, but you only need to complete one of them.

The application form you choose to use depends on how regularly you meet with the person you would like to be your referee. The person you choose to be your referee should have known you in a professional capacity for at least six months and have knowledge of your mental health history. This can be someone like a GP, psychiatrist, social worker or CPN. If you frequently meet with the person you have chosen to be your referee then the application process will be quicker if you and your referee complete the Combined Application and Referral Form together. If you do not frequently meet with your referee, please complete the Application Form and we will contact your chosen referee on your behalf.

Completed forms should be returned to: Lifecraft, The Bath House, Gwydir Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LW.

Once we have received all your paperwork we will contact you to arrange an introductory meeting. This will involve having an informal chat with Lifecraft staff to explore with you which services you would like to access.

All information provided is confidential and protected by the Data Protection Act.

Please note that Lifecraft does not have the expertise or resources to support people who have an ongoing drug or alcohol dependency.

Membership Pack:

1. Application Letter
2. Membership Form
3. Combined Application and Referral Form
4. Equal Opportunities Form
5. Lifecraft Members’ Code of Conduct
6. Your Information and Your Rights Leaflet