Job Opportunity – Project Officer, Newmarket

Role and Purpose:  To establish a ‘Lifecraft’ which meets at least twice a week in Newmarket and meets the needs of the mental health community in Newmarket and surrounding villages.

The responsibilities will include all aspects of networking, liaison with statutory and voluntary sector organisations, interviewing and assessment of new members. With an important role in building a team of Members who will have paid and volunteer roles in running groups and activities.

The post-holder will have professional autonomy in their approach to publicity, designing leaflets and liaising with stakeholders in the Newmarket community. It is anticipated that as Lifecraft becomes established, approaches will be made to other potential funders and sponsors to ensure sustainability.

The post-holder is a member of Lifecraft’s core team, and will be expected to work some hours at The Bath House in Gwydir Street, whilst establishing a Newmarket outreach. Support and supervision will be provided by Lifecraft manager, with accountability to a nominated Trustee. The Project Officer will be the delegated budget-holder, with line accountability to Lifecraft manager.

Applications close Tuesday 27th November and interviews will be held on Thursday 29th November 2018.



Project Officer Job Description Nov18

Application form – Project Officer Lifecraft Newmarket

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