Our Trustees

Lifecraft’s Executive Committee is made up of an elected board of Trustees. As a user-led organisation three-quarters of the Executive Committee have lived experience of mental health issues.

Christine Shortman
I’ve been a Lifecraft Member and volunteer since April 2015. When I was asked to be a Trustee I was delighted, it meant I could be more involved in helping others. My passion is art and I have had the good luck of being part of the Art Group where I can draw cats, which are my other passion.

Clive Jones
I was born in Brazil, though my family is originally from India. I have a lovely daughter. I studied at Kingston Polytechnic. I enjoy reading and listening to jazz and classical music. I am a Buddhist. I have traveled extensively, particularly enjoying my stay in Australia. I have benefited greatly in my recovery from mental illness in attending the groups at Lifecraft.

Kate Collins
I live just down the road from the Bath House, work as a landscape architect and have children at Parkside Community College. I like to get embedded in local community activities and, for the past couple of years, have helped to run the Mill Road Winter Fair. Lifecraft is a new experience for me, as I’m more used to working in the environmental sector, but I’m learning fast! I’m helping to build confidence and partnerships and am currently coordinating Lifecraft’s fundraising activities.

Liz Bunnett
I worked originally in the NHS in the community and joined Lifecraft after doing my counsellor training and worked with clients for 4 years. I then went to do Cruse bereavement training and became a volunteer with Cruse. I did training with John Nicholson the Mental Health Chaplain at Fulbourn and became a counsellor for people with mental health problems and bereavement. I was asked if I would like to remain with Lifecraft as a Trustee and have been a trustee since 2013. More recently I have been responsible for liaison between Lifecraft’s Counselling Service and the Executive Committee. My interest now is in mindfulness and, over the past year, I have been taking courses in this subject and hope to take this interest further in the future.

Matthew Barker
I have been a member of Lifecraft for many years. I have worked as a receptionist, facilitator for the Hearing Voices Group and taken part in several projects. I am keen to promote mental health issues and tackle stigma. I am currently Treasurer at Lifecraft.